Being Wealthy and a Bum are the same thing? Say what?!?!

Being a bum is the same as being wealthy. I know what your saying. Your crazy! But believe it or not, it’s true. Being wealthy and being a bum on the streets share one common trait. More freedom than the rest. Continue reading “Being Wealthy and a Bum are the same thing? Say what?!?!”

Motivation: A Twist on Insecurity


Insecurity is when you are not feeling up to snuff, not good enough, lacking in some way. We all have it. Believe it or not, those insecurities has helped humanity build, invent, and capitalize. It has helped built skyscrapers. The Great Pyramids. The billionaire. The car. The airplane. Cures for diseases. In a nutshell, it is what makes people wake up every morning. Insecurity makes you care. Continue reading “Motivation: A Twist on Insecurity”

I Have a Goal: Is That It? Can I be a Multimillionaire Now?

I have a goal to be a multimillionaire. Is that it? Can I be a Multimillionaire now? Let me go to the bank and draw out my millions. Or maybe it will magically appear under my bed. I know where I’ll find it. In my cereal box, wads of cash in there. I have a goal. Isn’t that enough for the millions to appear on my doorstep when I step out in a few minutes? Hold up, let me check. Nope. Not there. Nothing for me there. OK….OK…I think you get the point.

To become a multimillionaire it is NOT ENOUGH to just think about your goals but it is the BEST way to start. Throughout your life you are told by teachers, parents, TV, your boss to have goals. Every year people lay down their new year’s resolutions. We all know that goals are good for you. We all know goals are helpful in life. I am not here to convince you of that. You already know goals help and are useful. But there is more to it than just having goals bouncing around in your head.

After you have a goal in your head you MUST do the following to make it REAL:


There is a big difference between writing your goal down and just thinking about it. When you write your goal down you are projecting what was inside your head and making the words concrete and real. Before it was in a fuzzy state in your mind. Now it has become part of your external reality. You made the words real. Now you can take your goals a step further and take the written goals from just concrete words to ACTUALIZATION. 


Like I said before, many people already know goals are good for them. In fact, many people already write their goals down. But do they look at them constantly or do they bury them among other papers and forget about them? Did they write them in a note app then never looked at it again? Just writing your goals is still NOT ENOUGH. You must look at them close to a daily basis. It will help you maintain constant focus on your objective. Twice a day is better. Three times a day is best. More times than that and you are on your way to ACUALIZATION!


Tell people about your goals. The more people you tell the better. You want to do this to keep yourself ACCOUNTABLE. The people that are aware of your goal will frequently ask you “How is that thing going?” or “Is that project going well?” and you will need to have an answer. You will constantly need to update those people and we all want to see an improvement in your answer. It will keep you motivated.


Last one is take action, move, do something that involves getting closer to your goal. This could mean research, writing, thinking, planning, any action that would lead you to your destination. Many people have the most trouble with this one. So let me help you. GET UP FROM YOUR SEAT AND MOVE!


Motivated by Death



When I was in middle school I constantly thought about my own mortality. One day I would cease to exist. One day I will not be here. Then a shudder would flow through my body thinking of my own annihilation. The thought of death filled my mind, in the car, at school, at night, as I laid on my bed. It followed and affected me into my sophomore year of high school. The rational part of my brain would think. Since I am destined to die why do anything at all. Why wake up in the morning, why do my homework, why even work, why talk to people, why even get up in the morning? My grades went down, I refused to socialize, going into a downward spiral with the thought of killing myself consuming me. If I am dying anyways, why not speed up the process.

The train was coming my way. I needed to jump in front of it to finish it. I could hear the sirens coming closer and smell the coal getting nearer. Then something caught my eye. It was a pigeon. It was struggling to move when a cat jumped on top of it. I thought it was dead when suddenly the bird was 15 feet away from the cat…then it went behind a fence. It was survival. Here I was trying to kill myself when other beings were fighting to live. I felt weak. I walked home.

During the walk I rationalized some more. A surge of hope and energy filled my body. Death was still inevitable but my attitude towards it changed. I am going to die one day I thought so why not live, why not get good grades, why not socialize, why not be successful, why not become the best person I could be, why not shape my life the way I want it. And if death comes early so what? At least I lived. At least I tried. I changed that day.

“Get busy living or get busy dying.”

Shawshank Redemption

When I was waiting for that train I was busy dying. Since that day I have gotten busy living.

Sometimes, just like I did in the past and like many other people have done. I would lay on my bed thinking about my death. How will it happen? When will it happen? You have thought about it too. We all have. Then I say to myself….I know I will perish one day, therefore, I am going to be the best version of me I can be….attitude is everything…..Get busy living or get busy dying.