I am Mr.Drama. Not my real name but I had to give myself an anonymous name here. Its the best I could come up with. If you think it sucks just tell me. I probably won’t change it. I have have been in the real estate business for more than 15 years. This blog was made to share my experience as a landlord, the workings of the real estate industry, insights, opinions, motivations, and meaningful advice. It will also be a place for people to follow me on my journey to my next goal…becoming a multimillionaire within 10 years while being a substitute teacher. I got this far—-hey, it could happen. Life is weird.

I grew up poor for most of my childhood and lived on the other side of the tracks. Learning about real estate and money helped me get out of a rough neighborhood and create a better life for my family. I currently live in the great city Austin, Texas. At 18 years old I bought a simple yellow notebook and began to write down my thoughts and dreams. Then I sought to make those dreams come true. Today, I have more notebooks with more goals….if you got some time, why not follow along on my journey, what’s the worst that can happen?