Visualization and Time Passing

Do you remember when you were a kid daydreaming you were a superhero? It was easy, you conjured up a fictitious reality whenever you felt like. You simply thought of a scenario and there you were. As a kid, the world is full of possibilities. As you get older the possibilities narrow. Daydreaming happens less because we become more grounded to our reality. People get responsibilities, jobs, kids, who has time to daydream?

As a kid, daydreaming is an escape from reality, a world you can go to forget the real one. But let’s face it, we have reality to deal with. We all have obligations, bills, taxes, real world problems. Daydreaming doesn’t help with that. But guess what does? Visualization.

Visualization is reality based. You envision yourself in some future situation that is attainable in this world. You can daydream that you could fly like superman or you can visualize being a pilot. The vision should be attainable. Being a pilot is attainable.


Small decisions or big decisions. Visualize what will it be like when you make that decision. Who will it affect? How will you feel? Is it practical? Is it attainable? What are the pros and cons? But don’t just think about it. Visualize it, play it out in your head like a daydream, only its not a daydream.

For future goals. Visualize how your life would be 15 years from now, 30 years from now, 50 years from now, after your death. Then make some plans, make some visualizations.

Time passes, moments pass, time ticks away, and as time passes your life becomes shortened. The younger you are the more possibilities you have with career choices, relationships, and adventure. Those possibilities narrow when you get to middle age and more established when you get stuck in a job, in a relationship, have kids, become attached to your city. You create a bubble, and your possibilities narrow and more than likely the future possibilities have to be within that bubble. When you get used to your bubble and have obligations in your bubble you can’t just walkway. Jobs, close relationships, cultural attachments, narrow your choices to include them. You can’t just pack up and move to Spain and leave everything behind.

As time flows forward into the empty nestor stage as kids move out, when retirement becomes a reality, possibilities begin to open up more. Moving to the coasts of Spain seems plausible, in fact, there are many already there, in the coasts of Florida, California, or any other sun belt. Others who are not so adventorous stay put. Either choice is fine depending on the persons involved, but its important to visualize now what is best for you in the future.

When you visualize your decisions you make better decisions and with better decisions you make a better life. Visualize during walks, in the shower, while jogging, times when you are alone. See yourself in the possibilities that you want. Ask yourself questions. Cancel out possibilities and accept others depending on your personal situation and analyzation. Only you know what is best for you. As far as we know time will continue to pass and as long as we are here we have a future.



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