Can All Tenants Just Get Along?

Can all tenants just get along? Most can. Some try. A few never. 

My brother who owns a duplex called me recently to tell my that one of his tenants ran over the other tenant’s puppy and killed it! Accident? Maybe but who knows? It may have been a deliberate act out of spite. Four years ago a tenant claimed to have been hit by the next door tenant’s truck. Bummer. What should we do? Get in between two people that hate each other’s guts. As a landlord sometimes we may very well have to.


We are territorial animals that fight for position, driveways, parking spots, rights to areas. And there is you the landlord, mitigating all those feuds. For me, at the most is dealing with a 4-plex. Imagine managing and entire 100 unit apartment complex. Whoah!! I would never do that but respect those that do it and do it well. It takes quite a personality to handle all those issues, they have to be tough, be tough, and did I forget to mention be tough. There is a lady manager of a large complex that I have known for years and she is one tough lady. She gets the job done. I want to be her. Not like be her and have long hair and wear lipstick. I mean have her managing style.

Dogs barking, cats meowing, music blasting, too many people over, all these problems could start a feud like no other. In fact, a puppy might end up dead at the end of it. Not good.

Tough lady says to always have rules in place, abide by them, be consistent, and be present. Those are words of wisdom. I working on becoming better at those three.

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