The Mistake: Not Seeing the Work


Often times people never see the work. The behind the scenes work. They only see the product, the results. This warps the reality to make them think that life is easy, that making money is easy, that losing weight is easy, being an actor is easy, or anything that brings results.

When people go see a movie they see the final product. They didn’t see or experience all the hard work that made the movie. They are blinded to getting the script accepted and refined, getting funding, the directing, the actors remembering their lines and emotional displays, creating the settings for scenes, the filming, the takes it took to get the scenes correct, the warddrobes, the editing, the promotion, and I am sure I am still missing thousands of intricate details and work that came with making that hour and a half movie. People just go to the movie, watch it, decide whether they like it or not. They never saw the hard work of making a movie or would ever experience it.

Today, I am a financially secure substitute teacher. I do not stress too much about life. I take long vacations. I work sporadically and on my own terms. And yet some people around me only see the result, the movie. Some may even accuse me today of being lazy. Yet they didn’t see me wake up at 5:30 am, go to work full time as a teacher’s aide, then a teacher, fight traffic, take evening college classes, come home at 10pm and repeat that every day for 10 years. In between those times I also juggled time to study, sell real estate and other hobbies. Ten years of super high stress, skipping meals, I don’t have time to talk you now, catch you later, dizzying, falling asleep in car, checking myself to hospitals due to high stress times. A decade of hard work and planning. At 28 it got slightly easier, but from 18 to 28 years old it was all work and very little play. A Decade of Hard Work!

Since today some people see me with results, me taking it easy, me not working hard today, me not looking to work as hard today, it is hard for them to picture me working like an animal during that decade. Some may even believe that I never worked hard but I did, that everything that I have magically came to me but I went after it, or I just got lucky but I made my own luck. High stress levels is not my idea of fun anymore and I do not intend to impress anybody by increasing my stress levels just to say I am a hard worker. In fact, just the opposite. I am financially secure, I don’t work as hard, my stress levels are low, I am a substitute teacher; that’s my movie, that’s my result.

Making that movie….it took a decade and more of HARD WORK!!!

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