Being Wealthy and a Bum are the same thing? Say what?!?!

Being a bum is the same as being wealthy. I know what your saying. Your crazy! But believe it or not, it’s true. Being wealthy and being a bum on the streets share one common trait. More freedom than the rest.

A bum can stay or leave wherever he is, as he pleases. He is not tied down to anything or anyone for that matter. He can go camp out in the woods, hang out on the beach, hitch rides on trains and visit different cities.

A wealthy person can also go on exotic vacations as he pleases. He also has the choice to work or not work. However, that person is also responsible to maintain and grow that wealth. A bum is only responsible for a few simple possessions while a wealthy person will always have more responsibility, more possessions. So who wins out in the freedom department? The bum.

The bum wins. He does not play the game of society but lives on the edge of it, coming in and out as he pleases. Meanwhile, the wealthy are stuck in the game of society for the most part. They can go on vacation and exotic places but they will always have bills to pay back home, important decisions will have to be made, they are stuck in the game.

When I was 18 years old I seriously considered being a bum, for the freedom, to not play the game. I fantasized being like Buddha, who wandered looking for truth, pondering on our human existence, visiting strange lands, meeting new people. I would hitch a ride on trains and ships, and explore endlessly. But I didn’t.

I chose to play the game. I seriously began to learn the rule book to play and get ahead. You had to get a job or start a business, invest heavily, study money, study capitalism, study social structures, study social skills, be competitive, study markets, and on and on. Then you go out and play the game and try to get ahead as far as you can will it without going crazy, hurting yourself, or doing something illegal. I have bills to pay. I will always have bills to pay. I chose to play.

Currently I have more freedom now than I did a decade ago and I plan to have more freedom in the future. I am still playing the game of life. I am married, have kids, a dog, own a home, work, and invest. All those things keep me in the game. They are like tattoos, semi-permanent on me. Once you are deep in the game you are kinda stuck in it. The game is not necessarily a bad one here in the USA. In fact, it is the best game out there. If you had the best game available and didn’t play or practice it, what is that saying about you? Why not play? Play the game.

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