Dogs: A Landlord’s Perspective

Dogs, doggy, scooby doo. They are cute and mean. The are lovable and smell. They keep us mentally healthy but need a lot from us. They shit and pee. I have a doggy. She shits and pees all the time. When they are young sometimes they poo and pee on you! On a rental property its a gamble, a crap shoot, a roll of the dice. Should I accept a doggy or not?

I once leased out a property to a couple with two large dogs. After two years, the beautiful tanned carpet looked like giraffe skin. I know where those stains came from. It was crap and pee. The smell. Awful. It smelled like dog. I have a dog. If I don’t bathe her. She would smell too. Or maybe she smells and I am accustomed to it. Hold on. I’ll be back, I am going to bathe my dog. I am back. As I was saying, the smell. Steam cleaning won’t do. It needed new carpet. Damn dogs.

I gave a chance again to another couple with two large dogs. Guess what happened? Same thing. Shit and pee all over the house. Only this time I got an added bonus with the yard. The dogs dug holes and ruined any grass coming out, parts of the carpet were chewed out, parts of the hardwood wore out due to dogs pawing at a certain area. I hate dogs. Wait a minute, no I don’t, I have a dog. I love my dog. What am I talking about? I am so confused now.

The above happened years ago. I know now. It was a long learning curve. It’s not the dogs. It’s the dog owner. I check out the applicants more so if they have dogs and I ask for dog deposits. I have had no issues since. I love dogs but when I think back to those past incidents I start to hate dogs. But deep down its not the dog’s fault. Thinking more about it, I love dogs again.


There are landlords that accept one pet, some none, some only cats, some only dogs. I still accept dogs. I have learned a few things. The older the dog the better. The better the credit score of the owner the better they will take care of their dog. Smaller dogs are better than bigger ones. Older dogs are better than younger ones. One dog is way better than two. These are all generalizations. There are always exceptions and I make them as needed. I have accepted two large dogs even after what happened to me without incident. Maybe its not a crap shoot. Maybe its not even the dog owners. Maybe its me. I just needed to screen better and add more deposit protections.

I love dogs. I would never say that I hate dogs and if I said it once, I don’t remember it. Dogs are like 2 year old children that are a lot of work but give you so much love. I hate kids. Especially 2 year olds. Wait a minute… did I just say that…..I was once a 2 year old. I am so confused. I’ll get back to you guys……


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