Multimillionaire Journey: Net Worth 1

Every month or so I track my net worth. I go through all my assets with value and subtract it by all my liabilities. Usually I would do it on a notebook I have full of strange ideas and realistic goals. Now that I have this blog….I will be doing it here. Here we go:


Primary Residence: $500,000

Investment Property 1: $420,000

Investment Property 2: $370,000

Investment Property 3: $400,000

Investment Property 4: $370,000

Investment Property 5: $420,000

Investment Property 6: $320,000

Stock Investments: $40,000

Vehicles: $25,000

Loan Note: $40,000

Total: $2,800,000


Mortgage 1: $153,000

Mortgage 2: $147,000

Mortgage 3: $152,000

Mortgage 4: $181,000

Mortgage: $156,000

Credit Cards: $46,000

Liabilities: $835,000

$2,800,000 in assets minus $835,000 in liabilities equals $1,965,000. Based on this I am just about $35,000 shy from 2 million and 8 million shy of my ultimate goal of 10 million. I am very critical of my assets. Primarily because I feel I should have more invested in stocks. In fact, one of my main goals in the upcoming years is to invest a larger chunk of my savings into stocks. Any money coming in has been invested heavily in real estate. It has worked great for me so far but there is a nagging feeling it should be more balanced. I am 39 years old and the moves I make in the next 5 years will ultimately determine whether I will be close to my goal at all by the time I am 50.


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