Motivation: A Twist on Insecurity


Insecurity is when you are not feeling up to snuff, not good enough, lacking in some way. We all have it. Believe it or not, those insecurities has helped humanity build, invent, and capitalize. It has helped built skyscrapers. The Great Pyramids. The billionaire. The car. The airplane. Cures for diseases. In a nutshell, it is what makes people wake up every morning. Insecurity makes you care.

If you are secure in yourself. There is no need for you to create wealth, no need to become famous, or finding a cure for cancer, no need to go to the gym, no need to put on make-up, no need to bathe daily because you won’t care about your smell–remember you are secure in yourself–including your smell! If you are secure in yourself there isn’t any motivation to do anything.

People are racing all the time…only they choose their race. At work you compete. People work at Burger King. Some in the medical field. Some in the Church. It doesn’t matter. Insecurity is the fuel that makes people successful in those fields. If you are secure in your position–you will not work as hard. Why strive to be manager if you are secure in your position as a clerk? If you are insecure, you want more. You want to be a manager, CEO, CFO, even the owner.

Competition is built on insecurity. Insecurity drives the need to be on top of the pecking order, to be King, to be President. Insecurity makes countries build up their armies so they could feel more secure from an invader. A King or President knows that feeling secure is never good because if a King or President that feels so secure to not create better armies or warfare, another country could easily invade. An insecure head gorilla will always go around beating its chest, standing tall, hooting so nobody will challenge him. It is only when he stops the posing when somebody mistakes it for weakness and challenges him.

Insecurity comes from interacting with others. Others makes us insecure. In turn Others makes us better. We bathe for Others not to say we stink. Being clean is the norm in today’s world. We have to conform to the other. We value ourselves in relation to the person that is next to us. Most poor people in the USA have at least one car, a television, air conditioning, cable, yet they may feel insecure because others near them have more even though they themselves have a lot in relation to somebody living in the Amazon Jungle. The Other is the root of our insecurities and the fuel for motivation. If you are the only human alive on earth—why become a doctor, why become a billionaire, why build a company, why have a mansion? It is only when there are Others do we strive for those things.

Yeah…insecurity is a brain scratcher. We don’t like feeling insecure, yet it is the fuel that makes us better people. If a person feels insecure about their weight, it motivates them to go out and lose it and the insecurity helps them keep it off. If a person feels insecure about their morality, they try to be a better person. If a person feels insecure about their social position, it motivates them to seek a higher one. If a person feels insecure about their mortality, it motivates them to do something so great that it leaves them in the history books.

Our bodies. Money. Morality. Housing. Accessories. We strive for more to feel more secure. One thing is for sure though, once we feel secure enough we may stop striving. Enough is enough at that point. However, some strive and stay motivated all their lives. Those that have an insecurity of being forgotten in history have the greatest motivation. They want to be remembered. They will strive for achievements so great that they will become part of history. It is not enough to strive within a small group such as the workplace—they want to be talked about beyond there and even after they are gone.

As humans we are all insecure. Show me a human that is completely secure in himself and I am willing to bet that he is in a coma or dead. Insecurities are not bad and they are not good. However, they exist. It will damage some if they let it but at the same time it keeps countries safe, motivates people to do great things, and helps people improve themselves. Embrace your insecurities but do not let them consume you. Keep them close enough to give you motivation but not too close where they break you.

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