I Am a Substitute Teacher Millionaire

Why not be a substitute? I like it enough!

I am a substitute teacher millionaire and my earned income has been at about $17,000 for the past 8 years. Yup, you read that correctly. And those 8 years have gone by fast…so so fast. I choose to be a substitute, therefore, I am choosing to earn that pay. I could easily make more money doing something else but I like my job enough to not leave it. There are several reason why I enjoy being a substitute teacher. It offers flexibilty, novelty, and more importantly to positively impact the youth of today.

Hitting the Millionaire Milestone!

I hit the millionaire mark back when I was 33 years old. I did not win the lottery, marry somebody rich, inherit anything, win a game show, or rob a bank. If you read my About Page, I was raised poor. There were 7-8 people living in our 2 bedroom apartment in the middle of South Central Los Angeles. My father and mother started out working in the fields picking lemons and strawberries. My father then moved on to working the night shift at a slaughterhouse to support the family. I hardly saw my father when I was young. When I woke up he was asleep and when I was home he was at work. However, they set good examples by working hard all their lives.

My Childhood Apartment

Living in a dangerous low income neighborhood

Look at that picture. Iron bars everywhere, dogs roaming, drug addicts, drug dealers, gangs, violence, all were part of my experience growing up. The negativity around me was chipping away at me when I was younger. I was headed on the wrong path. I could have easily ended up killing myself, addicted to drugs, an alcoholic, or just another victim of the streets but I changed. I talked about that change HERE. Once I decided to change, the next step was formulating a life that I wanted. I wrote all my dreams and goals in a notebook. Then I decided to go out and get them. One of the goals I wrote down was to achieve a net worth of one million by the age of 40. It was accomplished 6 years earlier in the year 2011. I am 39 right now and today my net worth is getting close to 2 million. And it isn’t because I have been high income earner. Most of the accumulation has been through real estate strategies and the right mind set.

Not just goals

Of course there is much more to it than writing goals. There is a lot of learning, actions, several mistakes made, and strategies used. I can’t go through all of those in one blog post. But I can share them post by post, word by word. Eventually you will find out how I became a Substitute Teacher millionaire and hopefully follow my journey towards my next goals.

Nobody cares that much; Do it for yourself

When I reached my goal of one million there weren’t any balloons falling down or confetti, and my dog barely licked my hand. But I will admit, there was an inner satisfaction. It was a goal, a dream, an imagined figment and now it was concrete and real. I would imagine that is how Leonardo Da Vinci felt when he got that smile just right on his Mona Lisa painting. Pulling something difficult out of the imagination and making it real. That satisfaction comes from any goal from writing a blog, to becoming a better father, improving in your workplace, any goal. I see wealth as strictly a survival tool for myself and my future generations. The more extensive the wealth, the better survival tool one would have. Now I want to pull something else out of my imagination with my next goal.

$10 million is maybe possible; I think I can

My current goal is to become an 8-digit multimillionaire, reach $10,000,000, within 10 years while maintaining my occupation as a substitute teacher. I will be revealing my personal struggles, income information, net worth updates, and more on my Multimillionaire Journey. I will also be giving advice on the mindset I developed to reach my past goals and the my present goals on the Multimillionaire Mind tag on my blog sidebar. This journey is to be continued…….



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