Abandoned Vehicle on Fourplex

A few days ago I was at home in the late evening laying on my bed… reading the news of the day on my phone like most adults out there in the world do at that time.  All of a sudden the phone rang and it was one of my tenants letting me know that there was a car in the small parking lot ON THE PROPERTY that has been there for several days and they had no idea who it belonged to. What do I do in this situation? Do I call the cops or towing company?


The next morning I drove out to the property. A few blocks from my destination I saw a police officer on the side of the road. My decision whether to call the police or the tow company was decided for me by fate. I waved at the officer and he came out of his vehicle. Once we were within talking range, the situation concerning the abandoned vehicle was explained and he ended up following me to the property.

Once there he ran a check on the vehicle. The vehicle came out clean. It was not involved in any robbery, murder, rape, and it was not a stolen vehicle. I knew then he wasn’t going to remove the vehicle. He explained since the vehicle check came out clean he really couldn’t do anything to help. Then I realized my biggest mistake of all. I should have been carrying donuts. A juicy glaze donut given to the officer for sure would have been enough of a bribe to have the vehicle towed out. He left and abandoned me like the vehicle I am trying to get rid of and Plan B came into effect. I called the tow company immediately. I told them I wanted the vehicle towed right now and they explained to me they couldn’t for the three reasons below:

Reason 1: I need to have a sign post that is 5 feet tall with a standard towing sign.

Reason 2: I also need to have a barrier like concrete stoppers, gate, or something similar separating my parking lot from the fourplex next door. (Texas Regulation per Towing Guy Conversation)

Reason 3: I needed to first do reasons 1 and 2 then wait 24 hours.

Quite a bit of work. But once I do all three they will tow whatever vehicle violates the new towing ordinance for FREE. Now going through all three steps could take up to a week or I could start knocking on doors at the fourplexes nearby to see who has any information about this vehicle. I started knocking on doors.

I knocked on a unit next door and there was no answer. On the next one somebody answered. I asked about the car and luck was on my side when she said the car was her brother’s. Apparently, the car just needed a battery and he had left it there until he bought a new one. Why he left it there on my property was not revealed and I didn’t ask. I just asked for it to be moved–that was the goal at the moment. She called his brother and he came with a new battery within the hour and problem solved! I didn’t have to tow and her brother didn’t have to pay $300 to a towing company to get it back. Taking a little time knocking on stranger’s doors paid off. And by the sound of the car…I think the brother bought a lemon…oh well.